When I was told to write a short story, I chose to make this one because just like what I was told to do, what we had was a short story, too. Everything we had was just a game. You should’ve told me sooner so I could’ve atleast worn my PE uniform. It all started when my relationship with Alberto was being shaky to the point where it was almost fading so I asked Sean why they’re telling Alberto that me and Ramram are in a relationship and that was when Sean and I started talking to each other. 3 days had only passed and I had already fallen inlove with him because he knew me already without me knowing it. He had been stalking me and he was asking Ramram about me. He was also looking at my picture on Ramram’s phone and don’t you think thay it’s a little amazing to have someone who’s interested in you without you knowing it? Moving forward, we have always been calling and chatting each other because I was so into him because of course he was showing as though he was into me, too. We almost had this “1 mnth challenge” of us being together but he refused because he wants to take it seriously. Days passed and we got really really close to each other and we fell inlove and broke up because LDR is really tough for my part becasue we dont have much time for each other but I also feel as though I am not “that important to him”. Moving forward again, we had this corny and cheesy talks like we had plans and dreams together if we ever meet personally like he’s going to tour me around Iloilo City, we’re gonna watch in the theaters and we’d see each other everyday. Nights when we feel as though the world doesnt exist, were the happiest. But. Everything changed when he said that he’ll have to stay way from me. I don’t have any idea why. The effect that it had to me was worse than a break up. But he left me with a lost song but I know and I felt that it would be the last time that we’ll ever talk. It hurts a little because during recollection, he was the only thing that I asked from God. I could let everything go as long as he’ll not disappear from my life. And lastly, without lies, I will wait for him against all odds because it was in him that I felt truly loved. Hi bestfriend, When the time comes that I’ll be there in the city, I hope we’ll see each other and we’d talk and remember everything. I’ll be here, never changing. I remembered throwing jokes at each other like duh? Are we close? And you always make me happy. You always match me with Ramram but we know to well who’s really into me. HAHAHA anyhow, see you in the nearest future. The short story of us.